Pooled Wisdom for Innovation, to contribute to SDGs

We’re the group here to offer the business matching among best support, to help
you troubleshoot any business issues.

Chigen Innovative
Research Institute

We aim to bring together the wisdom of experts from different industries, engage in innovative exchange activities. By promoting high-level human resource and technology exchanges, support international business activities, provide solutions to the economy, society and the environment, we commit to contribute to SDGs 

Services We Do

Business Matching & Communication

By continuous building network of strategic partners, corporate groups and experts in Japan, China and other Asian countries, we support the services necessary for visiting exchanges, business matching and human resource development.

Strategic Planning

Our experts with in-depth understanding
of various industries, are able to provide consultation to companies requiring
information, innovation, business model transformation or strategic planning.

Overseas Business Support

Through experienced professionals and highly specialized partner companies / groups, we assist foreign companies looking for Japanese technologies, products, services and partnerships. In addition, we provide consulting and support services to Japanese companies seeking to develop markets and find solutions in overseas markets.

Please contact us

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With wide network of experts on different fields, we support professional consulting and management advice to both individual and businesses.


Yasuke 3rd Blt 4F, 1-7-2, Higashi kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo



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